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We truly have been able to build a ‘complete’ human resource solution, in every way.

Employee-Manager Self-service with Intuitive Workflow

As more and more applications become Do-It-Yourself, ESS-MSS module makes the employees (apply) & managers (approve) to encourage doing tasks themselves without external interventions. Now see them welcoming the ability to control numerous benefits & tasks to make your organization more productive & efficiency with an intuitive workflow as desired. The mobile functionality helps all the key functionalities at your fingertips.

Our research showed that organizations requires integrated hiring & on-boarding management system. We took connivance from Industry experts and designed an intuitive, integrated & process driven hiring management system which is a great tool for not only organizations internally but a lot of recruitment agencies as well.

  • WorkrigTM Time: A fast and intuitive employee management mobile application with GPS enabled Leave, Time and Attendance management system to facilitate and access employee directories faster, simpler and on-the-go!

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Module Features

Workflow Management

Plan & Manage workflow required for a seamless system. Control the flow of data, manage your approval systems. Based on any change in rule, change the workflow accordingly, and publish it to be utilized by any micro-module.

Leave & Exception Management

Be it leave or exception handling, Workrig’s employee & manager self-service uses technology to permit employees to perform tasks intuitively that previously were handled by a company’s human resources or administrative staffs. Let employees produce their explanations when an exception is created or leave is required.

Travel Management

Create your travel plans, apply for travel just the way you apply for leaves. On similar lines, Workrig allows the HR to apply for Travel on an Employee’s behalf. One can apply for travel advance and accounts pays for the same, all seamless & integrated.

Claims Management

Apply for Claims against advance of reimbursement to get paid. Submit the bills online, become paperless and settle account. Reports are generated and payroll is auto updated to reduce any manual errors.

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