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Recruitment Solution

Recruiters always face uphill task of using age old methodologies to manage their candidate database and more often than not end up with poor candidate experience due to improper information dissemination at multiple stages of hiring.

Our research showed that organizations requires integrated hiring & on-boarding management system. We took connivance from Industry experts and designed an intuitive, integrated & process driven hiring management system which is a great tool for not only organizations internally but a lot of recruitment agencies as well.

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Module Features

Application Tracker

Applicant tracking system renders visibility across the length of the hiring process. On creation of the Job Descriptions & subsequently posting on various social sites & job portals, every applications can be tracked through shortlisting, interview rounds, offers through to inductions.

Social Integration

Social Integrations with recruitment platforms, provides easy applications aided with ability to call for interviews with a click of a link. The same link could be used in the websites, other social sites, with the ability to capture candidate information.

Candidate Tracker

Candidate database provides a rich source of resources for hiring, with added facility of utilizing the existing talent pool from the employee database, based on analytical data available for each employee, thereby allowing for adept talent Management.

Integrated Onboarding

An Integrated on-boarding allows for seamless transition from candidate to employee. Employee induction is associated with Learning programs other than activities associated with that Level.

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