Well Defined Role Based Architecture.

Now Every One Has a Reason to be in Love with Workrig!

Various stakeholders have been carefully thought of like HR Managers, Recruiters, Accountants, Finance Managers & CEO.

HR Teams
Finance & Accounts
Impressive Features for the HR Team

Real-time Dashboard

Company Broadcasts

HR Alerts & Notifications

Analytics to Suit Managers

Complete HR Software

Easy Forms for Progressive Teams

Workflow Driven Process

Beginning from leave approvals to recruitment and hiring the workflow works synchronously across the product to present a seamless process, triggering the right alerts at the right time and processing when required.

Preparing a System

The function requires preparing number of processes. The ease with which ‘previous’ systems can be used shows its user-friendliness. Review systems, Goals & Targets, New Designation & job descriptions.

Managing Activities

In an organization employees undergo multiple changes during their tenure, be it transfer or promotions. Workrig’s easy to use activity management provides HR, a tool to manage all of that extremely easily.

We believe in customer centricity.

They will tell you why.