Tracking Activities- Work and Proctoring Assessments

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Workrig’s proprietary tracker’s, enable customer’s to track a number of activities of different kinds. In deriving the various needs in the market, we discovered that such tools had become essentials when it came to an efficient work place. Systems were required that fulfilled the requirements, however their overall our purposes where different.Stake holder’s involved, Recruiter’s to Customer’s.

It at times seems a little unethical to undertake activities that involve policing of work or other activities, however we did get convinced by organizations, that such policies do not necessarily mean policing, instead act as measures to strengthen trust between both parties. At times Customer’s who seek outsourcing as a methodology for project deliveries and times when Talent acquisition and authenticity is desired during undertaking assessment, such tools are considered essentials in providing the due support mechanisms.

Some features that the software’s offer:

  • Screenshots of task or assessment
  • Mouse Movement tracking
  • Application swapping or Browsing
  • Facial recognition & Behavioral activities(in Beta)
  • Live video monitoring (optional)
  • Reporting of activities- both real-time and end of task.
  • Ghost and Visible applications for extra security

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