Workplace Collaboration

Engage your Employees with Workplace Collaboration – A Hub to ensure that work and all related activities including tasks, alersts, updates are streamed, with the ability to comment & share one place. Highly engaging collaborative tool let employees immerse in the company’s culture.

From documents to collaboration –  Completely integrated with the project management tool, Workrig is aligned with projects & categories for workflow based sharing options. Now reminders and multiple email exchanges will be a thing of past with timely alerts and notifications.

Team Collaboration
Communication in One Place
Focus on Work Only

From Communications to Documents

Workrig’s Document Management is highly searchable and maintains activity history & audit trails. This can be used to manage employees’ documents for their entire life cycle within the organization. No need to manage piles of files & folders, now we contribute to your goals towards corporate social responsibility by incorporating ‘go-green’ initiatives.

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) lets you add people to access the system, and restrict access through access control. During the system setup you could create as many categories or you could use the folder system.

Controlled sharing & viewing for public, private and individuals with view, download, edit and delete rights. Integrated people management for sharing & user management with document activity history and audit trails & version control.

Access Control