Start Up Case Study

Start Up Case Study

Comprehensive HCM solution, across all HR functions


A mid-level IT firm based out of Pune provides business innovation to some of the most forward-thinking companies, helping them maximise business impact through their data. Founded in 2004, The firm helps some of the most forward-thinking enterprises worldwide derive maximum business impact through their Data. The firm is recognized as a leading provider of Data Driven Analytical Solutions & Services in Visual & Predictive Analytics, Data Science, IoT, Mobility & Artificial Intelligence areas. Their motto is success of their customers through Innovation, Technology and Partnerships. The firm operates its Delivery & IP Centers in India and Australia and through its group companies in Singapore, Finland and USA.

Project & Portfolio Management

Work Management on your finger tips


Employee Engagement and Collaboration

Performance Management

Align People and Business Stratgey

Learning & Development

Learning, growth, re-skilling in 1

Recruitment & Digital Onboarding

Hiring to Onboarding

A few pain pointsCHALLENGES
  • They faced the problem of managing disparate systems to manage Payroll, Attendance, Performance, Recruitment, and Projects.
  • Biometric system was not integrated with Leave data, which was not integrated with Payroll system. This needed a lot of data verification & manual pull & push from one system to another. 
  • Payroll processing was difficult, hence, they had to use the services of a Managed Payroll Service provider for payroll processing.
  • Due to the ISO certification of the organisation’s processes, documentation required during various processes like Recruitment, Human Resource management & Project Management was extremely critical. All these were carried out in a manual manner.
  • Complicated Leave Policy, which could not be properly configured in most HRM systems
  • Timesheets needed to be submitted to the clients, and client data and Project owner data did not match. This often led to conflicts during invoicing process
  • Internal Learnings had to be managed on a separate tool, which had to be manually updated by employees on HRMS tool. No way to pull data from L&D On-Demand platform to Enterprise HRMS.
  • Reporting & Analysis activities were time consuming activities, with significant amount of effort spent on fetching, collating & cleaning data
Need for the best solutionSOLUTION
  • Subscribing to the Hire to Retire solution of Workrig, enabled this organisation to have an end to end solution for all their HRMS needs. Be it attendance management, leave management, Timesheet module, creating Confirmation Reviews, everything could be managed through a single application.
  • The organisation had multiple locations, with multiple biometric service providers. Having an integration point with each Biometric system for pulling data into HRMS system ensured that all attendance data was consolidated, and processed using the same policies. This brought consistency in attendance management.
  • Data flows seamlessly into Payroll system from Time & attendance module & Leave module. Workrig provides 3 step simplified Payroll processing, eliminating the need for a Managed Payroll Provider.
  • Workrig’s Document Management module provides a way for creating templates & mapping them to various activities. This made the process of complex documentation simple, eliminating the biggest pain point for this organisation.
  • Variety of Leave Policies needed to be configured, with leave availability being tied to status of employee – Probation/Contractual/Permanent/Intern, as well as with level & designation. The organisation was able to do this with Workrig’s Leave Management & Leave Policy Administration module, leading to minimal adjustments by HR before payroll.
  • Client approval available for Timesheet module, ensuring that there was no conflict based on Billing at the time of invoice generation.
  • End to End Learning module with Learnings tied to Skills, Attributes & Competencies, Performance Gaps, Induction process, enabling the L&D team to easily administer Learnings to employees, and creating an audit trail of Upskilling interventions. The progress on Skills, Attributes & competencies was maintained in the system, leading to a comprehensive analysis of the employee.
  • Exhaustive Reporting module, with 60+ reports available, downloadable in Excel, PDF or CSV formats, for quick summarisation of data of HRMS module.
  • Analytics module – A network model works in the background to detect relations between attributes in different modules, leading to a comprehensive impact analysis and decision making. Thresholds are set & adjusted for each attribute, with indicators indicating the need of corrective actions wherever necessary.