Recruitment Solution

Recruiters always face uphill task of using age old methodologies to manage their candidate database and more often than not end up with poor candidate experience due to improper information dissemination at multiple stages of hiring.

Our research showed that organizations requires integrated hiring & on-boarding management system. We took opinion from Industry experts and designed an intuitive, integrated & process driven hiring management system which is a great tool for not only organizations internally but a lot of recruitment agencies as well.

Application Tracker
Social Integration
Candidate Tracker
Integrated Onboarding

Activity Management

Employees undergo innumerous change in status during their lifecycle. This we call ‘Activity’. Workrig’s activity management module allows the HR to undertake these changes using this module.

Both transactional Activity and Document related activities are managed using the same interface. Integrated document management allows the HR to send out documents wherever necessary.

Life Cycle Activity
Transactional Activities

Whether transferring from one office to another or within departments, any significant career movement is a click away.

Document Related Activities

Now ensure your workplace is ‘paperless’ by keeping all issued documents to employees at one place. e.g. offer letters, bonafide letters, bank payorders, promotion letters etc.