Mobility & IoT based Time, Absence, People, Expense Management Solution


The organization is one of the largest Adhesive Manufacturing Companies in the world, which is also a Fortune 500 company. They have couple of Manufacturing facilities in the country with a significant sales force and a corporate office. The Manufacturing facilities are in city outskirts with a few hours’ drive from the corporate offices. Employee contact was largely required at the setup stage and needed to continue during the forming stage of the company in the country. Continuous monitoring of labor and their movement was also required, during the hiring process.

People Management

From Onboarding to Offboarding

Time and Absence

Time, Attendance & Leave Management


Expense and Claims Management

A few pain pointsCHALLENGES

The challenge was managing attendance and labor movement across multiple locations, once hiring was completed. Dependency on human elements using physical registers for Attendance, Access Control across various Units, without the ability to restrict user movements. This, along with the ability to source data to analyze and study for operational efficiency, people motivation, tardiness & others.


Need for the best solutionSOLUTION

We embarked into solving the problem with new age integrated digital technology solution, wherein we built a high-level architecture to evaluate the possibility of collecting data from various sources imprinted with the unique ID of the employee. Mobile with Geo Fencing, Sensors, Devices and Hardware with biometric & RFID imprints mapped with the employees Unique ID.

With Geo fencing and Mobility, physical sensors (RFID, Proximity Scanners) across multiple access points, beginning from the door to various units, the solution was achieved that not only fulfilled data collection but seamless integration of the data from the core module to other HR systems. Based on the architecture, devices were integrated using webservices. Since the data was collected from not only Mobile Devices, integrations were multiple ports integrations. Some data was also collected from remote locations, where GPRS connectivity did not exist, therefore some data was also scheduled as deferred collections from the local database data. The data is pulled into the cloud server on AWS.






Integrated Solution

How one benefits?OUTCOME

Streaming data brought other challenges. Data were of several types; categorization, sorting of data and channelizing to various tables with the ability to slot them under a specific type. This brought in the need for intelligence in the system. Algorithms and the ability to learn from experiences, were coded in for the close to 100% result. Where, policies were applied to ensure junk was relatively less and exceptions were thrown if complications were high. The system collected data from various devices and processed information for various departments. Data arrived into the system from various locations. Different data for distinct set of people- for HR Attendance data & for Managers people movement & time utilization. While the attendance data is already being analyzed at this stage for Punctuality, Tardiness etc., the labor movement analysis becomes a favorite among the Managers and Project Managers.