Customized to cater to your Industry

Your Industry Specific Typicality, Pre-Configured for You!

Customized to cater to your Industry

Configured to suit IT, ITES & Financal Services

We were looking for a solution that could cater to HR, Payroll and participate in our growth. We got just that and more.


How do IT, ITES & Media Marketing companies benefit from Workrig?

  • A unique solution that caters to not only People and HCM but Work Management, for IT, ITES & Media Services companies.
  • Projects and Portfolio Management to ensure work and people are on one software.
  • Struggling with daily Timesheets? Specific to the industry, the integrated Timesheet Management, helps organizations not only share reports to customers, but also manage efforts-based pay outs.
  • Integrated with Billing, the solution allows you to raise even bills and update receipts.

Customized to cater to your Industry

Configured to cater to Manufacturing companies across various work locations

How do Manufacturing companies benefit from Workrig?

  • A highly configurable, smart allowance management system allows specific allowances to be configured for each such benefit.
  • Integrated with IoT, Sensors and Devices with use of technologies such as Geo Location, manufacturing companies benefit both to track employees but also movement.
  • Large employees (5000+) easily processed, with a pre-configured structures, allowing for not only ease of processing but with 100% compliance.

Customized to cater to your Industry

Configured to cater to the Banking and Finance Industry companies, with a centralized system

How do Banks & Financial Institutes benefit from Workrig?

  • Depth in Document Management allows for managing People’s Lifecycle Activity, therefore efficiently works as a system of records.
  • A mix of modern and legacy policies, that are easily managed and configured in the software across all processes.
  • Plus, a complete HR solution, for Hire to Retire and more HR needs.

Customized to cater to your Industry

Configured to cater to the Healthcare Industry companies, with multiple operations.

How do Healthcare companies benefit from Workrig?

  • Whether it be movement of doctors, or tracking time for full time and part time employees. Typicalities for Multiple work locations handled.
  • More people and regular attrition require a comprehensive Talent Management solution. Integrated Talent Management solution for the Healthcare industry.
  • Large data processing made easy with system settings that allow for lesser interventions in processing, therefore quicker turnaround with accuracy.

Customized to cater to your Industry

Configured to cater to the Financial Services companies, to manage Work and Pay

Best fit to the requirements. Happy and confident about Workrig. Confident about future requirements to be met by Workrig.


How do Financial Services companies benefit from Workrig?

  • Onsite team management, from Hiring to Task Management, a comprehensive solution for Financial Services companies.
  • Various stages and types of employee’s various documentation associated with Onboarding and Exit, configured with such People Management capabilities.
  • Managing daily activities including payroll, expense and travel. All in one solution.

Customized to cater to your Industry

Configured to cater to the Start-Up market, with a People to Work management solution

How do Start-ups benefit from Workrig?

  • Collaboration solution with AI, from Workflow alerts to Requests, managed on one platform, further assisted with AI, from bots to alerts. A solution for the start up market.
  • A complete HR solution, from Hiring, Talent to Work management. The most complete Start-up solution, for the HR and Project Manager.


Core HR
  • People and Human Resource Information System
  • Web based, Desktop and Mobile clients.
  • Geo Fencing Solution
  • Biometric Integration Solution
  • Scheduling & Roster Management
  • Leave & Absence Management administered to Legal Entity & Work location
  • Level Driven Salary Structure Management- Earnings & Deductions, Manage and Add heads, Manage dependencies.
  • Expense Management
  • Workflow for all Compensation Approvals
  • Statutory Compliances- TDS, EPF, ESIC, PT, LWF, 100% state compliant
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Hiring Management
  • Hiring Integrated
  • Complete Job Tracking (Application Tracking)
  • Candidate Tracking, Repository and Document Management
  • Integrated Onboarding
  • Integrated Assessment
  • Application & Applicant Tracking
  • Integrated Project Management
  • Integrated Billing for Recruiters
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Talent Management
  • KRA configurations
  • Goal Settings
  • 360-degree Performance & Review Management
  • Competency Mapping
  • Succession Planning
  • Career Development & Learning
  • Lifecycle Activity Tracking
  • HR Analytics
  • Hiring Integrated
  • Integrated Assessment
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Work Management
  • Complete Project & Portfolio Management
  • Timesheet Management to the core.
  • Project and Employee Tracking.
  • Work tracking integrated with Mobility and Realtime progress.
  • Integrated with Billing and Costing, for instant Invoice and Receipt Tracking.
  • Project and Costing Analytics for decision support.
  • Collaboration at every stage of the project, integrated with every module.
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Real-time dashboard
Analytics to Suit Managers
Easy Forms for Progressive Teams
HR Alerts & Notifications
Complete HR Software
Company Broadcasts