Terms of Service

Please read the following Terms & Conditions of Use carefully before using this website.

All users to this site agree that access to or use of this site is subject to the following terms and conditions and other applicable law. If you do not agree to the referred terms and conditions, please do not use this site. Moreover, by accessing or even merely browsing the site you agree to be legally bounded by all terms, policies and guidelines incorporated by reference under this statement. Any new features or tools added to the current official website shall also be subjected to the respective Terms of Service. We therefore, recommend you to review the latest version of these at any time on this page. Workrig also reserves the right to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Service by posting updates and/or changes to this site.

1.     Acceptance of Agreement and Registration

If you register with an account over Workrig, you agree to,

  • Provide current, accurate and complete information as maybe prompted by any form over the site.
  • Maintain and update the data as and when required.
  • Accept all risk of unauthorized access and personal access to your account over Workrig and different modes of payment.
  • By availing our services or browsing over our website you agree to be legally bounded by this agreement and all the terms and policies stated underneath.

2.     User’s Obligation and Permitted Use

The users on the Workrig site agree to use the content only for the purpose intended for and permitted by these terms or applied laws, practices and relevant jurisdiction. Users may also not upload or publish otherwise any content which is invasive, illegal or objectionable by any means or prohibited by law.

You are not allowed to upload any commercial content or solicit others to join or become members of any other commercial service or organization. Any violation of applicable laws by users or third party at their behest does not hold Workrig liable for its consequences. The users of our website can only print out the discrete information solely for non-commercial or internal purposes and maintain all copyright and terms contained therein. They cannot resell or lease them in anyway.

3.     User Content

Users are solely responsible for all the content posted by them or published via the company’s website. They should entirely possess the intellectual property and other rights to otherwise publish such content over the web. The company however possess the right to remove or edit the content that might violate any of its terms and policies.

The users hereby should also acknowledge the fact that Workrig holds no liability for the use of their information by any other person whom you have allowed to gain access over your content in case of any mishappening. The company shall not make use of any content unless it is stated and is permitted for, but it may discard any data in the event of any violation or prohibition of law or any case of non-compliance of the current terms and policies.

·       Account and Password Security

In order to avail the company’s services, you need to create and operate an account for which, the company may periodically provide additional codes or passwords. To access such services, you should provide accurate and correct information to keep such information updated.

The users should enable a personal and non-transferable password and should take charge of all the activities conducted over such accounts. Please refer to our Privacy Policy to gain a knowledge of how Workrig collects, stores and processes client’s personal information. Additionally the users cannot operate other’s account without prior permission and the company is not liable for any theft or misappropriation of the data. Moreover, you will be held liable for any activity undertaken from your user account irrespective of your authorization or not.

·       Account Deletion:

In terms of ending relation with Workrig, the data and your information will be retained till the time account has been terminated. This process can only take place by either you or through a request generated for us. You can do the same by notifying us anytime by writing to us at the address mentioned below.

However we hold the right to terminate these services with you due to our policies at our discretion with a notice anytime without any further liability whatsoever. Moreover, you are solely responsible for deactivation or deletion of your account and doing that would terminate our services with you.

4.     Payment and Fees

All privileges and our services are subjected to certain plans and respective payments. Workrig provides such services after the payment or fees by the client at an agreed amount. However, the company can provide free of these services at its discretion for a fixed term and reserves the rights for you to avail the same after termination for a fixed fee.

Payments for the plans selected would in advance and non-refundable in every case, there shall be no refunds partial or full. For an instance, if the user cancels the subscription before its termination, he or she shall be still liable to pay the leftover amount. However, the client should acknowledge that the difference in the fees and prices could be due to certain changes in taxes or promotional discounts. Moreover, in case of any non-payment Workrig reserves the rights to discontinue the user’s account immediately.

5.     Termination

The terms of use shall begin with the client’s acceptance of agreement and registration with the Workrig through a user account and shall continue to perpetuity unless terminated by you with a written notice or by the company on violation of any terms or policies.

The termination can take place automatically if you fail to comply with any of the applicable laws and rules. Moreover, upon termination you will no longer be able to use the services in any case.

 6.     Intellectual Property

Trademark, proprietary rights and copyright in the website, content or service are rested with the company or its licensors. By connecting with us you agree to not copy, modify, rent, lease, distribute and sublicense any of such work. Moreover, all intellectual rights and interest of third parties are disclaimed by Workrig and interests of these are reserved by the respective owners.

The company disclaims any proprietary interest other than its own over the mentioned and applicable intellectual property.

7.     Software and Software/Service Update

All the software and services available to download and avail from the websites are copyrighted work of Workrig or its third party providers. Any kind of reproduction or redistribution of the software not in accordance with the license agreement or the aforementioned terms is strictly prohibited. Certain software are to be used in conjunction with the services for downloading from or through this website. You must agree to the terms and end user agreement prior to its use.

Except otherwise permitted or specifically provided herein users cannot copy, frame, transmit, modify, distribute, disassemble, republish or sublicense any part, content, services or software of this website. On indication of any such authorization it would lead to termination or deactivation of the account along with criminal/civil prosecution.

Warranties if any applicable in regards to these software are expressed hereby and without limiting the foregoing, Workrig takes no warranty over the suitability of the software and its functions to meet your requirements, or the software/service would be timely, accurate, secure, uninterrupted, or the quality of the results produced would be at par with your expectations.

Moreover, you agree to the conditions that both the software and the services would undergo changes, updation, changes in user interface and modification for bug fixes. These changes and alteration can made without prior notice. When you download the software, you agree to install its updates made for its enhancement, improvement and complete the version you therefore agree to accept such updates in accordance with your use of these services.

8.     Indemnification

In association with services, you indemnify, defend and hold Workrig and its partners, directors, officers, employees, agents, successors, and third part contractors or suppliers of information, services, attorneys and affiliates harmless from any loss, liability, claim and expenses related to your violation of the given agreement or this site.

 9.     Severability

This statement and its relevant terms and conditions of use are enforced and applicable to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws. If incase of any reason or provision same are held invalid unenforceable to any extent then:

  • Such provisions and terms will be constructed, interpreted and reformed to an extent where they can render the same enforceability and consistency with the original intent.
  • Such invalidity or unenforceability will not affect any other provision of this agreement.

10.  Unlawful or Prohibited Use

In reference to the usability of this site and its services/software, clients are restricted to use the same for the purpose of any prohibited or unlawful activity or in a way that it affects or interfere with the proper working of the website. The users are legally bound to not use these services that it can lead to any damage, disability or impair the website in any way.

The users are not permitted to use any kind of third part software that would allow them to download or use the content of the site in any prohibited way. Any attempt to damage or legitimate operations of the website intentionally would be stated as a criminal/civil law.

11.  Copyright

The entire content included on this website, including but not limited to text, video, graphics, or codes are copyrighted under the applicable laws. In certain cases permission is granted to electronically copy, print or use the content over the website for the sole intended purposes. Any other including but not limited to redistribution, reproduction or transmission of the content displayed over the site is prohibited.

Moreover, all products and service marks included herein are the trademark of their respective owners, any use of such content without prior notice can lead to violation of laws and serious offence.

12.  Applicable Law and Legal Compliances

All the terms and conditions along with policies are structured and governed by the applicable laws. You agree to the jurisdiction of court for any loss or claim arising out of your actions and thereby held Workrig under no liability for the later consequences.

This company holds no responsibility or assumes any risk anyway if its users are held responsible for any violation of offence due to the services/ software provided by this organization. In case of any queries you can Contact us at info@workrig.com or read our Privacy Policy for further understanding.

13.  Limitation of Liability

In no event will, Workrig and its affiliation will be liable to any party directly, indirectly, exemplary or especially for any damage or loss caused by use of its website or any site associated with its servers. It is also not liable for any loss or injury caused due to any errors/ omission caused due to working of its services or products and any delay caused due to failure in performance beyond the control of the respective and covered party.

14.  Third Party Links

In an attempt to provide more value to our customers, this site may contain links to other websites or application. However, the following terms should be taken into consideration in regards to links and policies regarding the obligation under such third party websites.

  • All rules, policies and operating procedures of the merchant website or application will apply to you over your access to their site.
  • However, in no case will Workrig be liable or shall hold responsibilities in regards to their content or use of your information. Our company provides their links to just ensure your convenience of information.
  • We and the merchants are separate independent contractors and neither party has authorization to make representation on behalf of each other.
  • We as a company recommend you to investigate and refer completely before rendering your details to such applications to ensure safety and avoid any mishappening. In such cases the users are liable and are at their own risk and company hold no liability.
  • Notwithstanding, any provisions contrary mentioned in this statement nothing in these terms shall be constructed as a grant to you as rights or license to entitle to use third party materials.

15.  Errors, Correction and Changes

We and our website do not represent or warrant that our website will be error-free or virus free and that the defects will be corrected. Simultaneously we also do not specify that the content over our website will be accurate or timely otherwise.

Moreover, we reserve all rights to make changes to the features, functionality and content over our website without any prior notice. We therefore recommend you to review these changes in accordance to our last update. We also solely possess discretion to edit or remove any account that may intend to violate any law or terms of this website.

16.  Miscellaneous

This Agreement shall be treated as though it were executed and performed. It is governed and constructed in accordance with the applicable laws and policies. All the desired and executed actions are limited within the set terms within this statement. In case of any failure from our side to enforce any provision, it shall not be deemed as a waiver of such provision anytime.

We possess all the rights as stated under this agreement and they shall survive under any termination of this agreement.