Time & Attendance

One of the most advanced & highly configurable Time, Leave & Attendance administration system that allows administrators and global HRs to setup company specific & robust policies of varied kind.

No matter how complex your business rules are, Workrig helps you set up your own business rules and time policies for employees in a flash.

Weekoffs & Holiday Management
Global Time & Attendance
Roster Management

Workflow Management

Absence Management

Leaves being payable or having prefix and suffix conditions; whether leaves can be carried forward or can be enchased; Workrig provides one of the most comprehensive Absence Management module in the industry.

All processes are workflow driven and can be configured using the workflow management module.

Complex Leave Policies
Absence Management
Extra Working

Biometric & Third Party Integrations

The Workrig bouquet of software products aims to automate, improvise & optimize your work environment.

With the ability to integrate with various biometric devices & third party systems where APIs are available for integration, we promotes automation and discourage the use of excels or manual entries.

Biometric Integrations
Financial Third Party Integrations