Error free and just-in-time processing of payroll, across the length and breadth of an organization forms the key to an effective system. Minimum manual intervention, with a configurable system, Workrig payroll addresses all the payroll and statutory needs of organizations.

Automatic calculations, level based pay structuring, compliance report & tax calculations & expense reporting form part of a comprehensive Payroll Management system

Payroll Processing
Flexible Salary Structure
Performance Based Variable Structure
Pay benefits

Statutory Compliance

Undoubtedly one of the most configurable statutory compliance management system (CA certified & managed) in existence, the module allows users to configure compliance within govt. norms however suitable to the size & legal boundaries of an organization.

Beginning from exemption criteria for Income Tax Deductions to the Employees’ deduction % in EPF for a certain year, Workrig’s compliance management provides the ability to add, edit or delete compliance policies required for an organization.

Central & State Compliances

Every legal entity of an organization is bound by certain specific compliance based on the size & registration of the company. With Workrig, organizations can add multiple legal entities in various work locations with specific compliances, be it state or central. All Statutory requirements are fulfilled with Workrig, namely – Provident Fund, Professional Tax, ESIC, LWF etc. All necessary forms & challans are processed under the Indian Statute.

Income Tax Declaration In Employee Self-Service

Income is deducted at a certain percentage. The same can be updated if there is a change. Our workflow allows users to get exemptions under a certain section using the Income Tax Declaration interface. The interface also provides information about future Tax deductions based on the declarations submitted helping the employees to plan & estimate their future earnings.

Travel & Reimbursements

Create your Travel plan, Apply for travel, just the way you apply for Leaves. On similar lines Workrig`s travel leave management system allows the HR to apply for Travel on an Employee’s behalf. One can apply for travel advance and accounts’ pays for the same.

Be it travel or exception handling, Workrig’s employee & manager self-service uses technology to permit employees to perform tasks intuitively that previously were handled by a company’s human resources or administrative staffs. Let employees produce their explanations when an exception is created or leave is required.

Advance Management

Apply for LTA Claims against advance of reimbursement to get paid. Submit the bills and settle account. Reports are generated and calendar’s updated. Adequately system updated payroll of payroll enabled. Employers can also define LTC rules as per the company policies.

Claims Management

Apply for Claims against advance of reimbursement to get paid. Submit the bills online, become paperless and settle account. Reports are generated and payroll is auto updated to reduce any manual errors.

Travel Management

Create your travel plans, apply for travel just the way you apply for leaves. On similar lines, Workrig allows the HR to apply for Travel on an Employee’s behalf. One can apply for travel advance and accounts pays for the same, all seamless & integrated.

Statements And Challans

Considered as one of the most critical aspect for any organization, as a system of records. Workrig’s payroll is highly dependent on transactional data that deals with money. The reports and challans module is suitably designed to present all the necessary data in the form desired by payroll officers and accountants.

Statutory Statements

While the reports constitute of excel and pdf exports, it’s the filters that form key to the analysis. Simple and advanced filters have been provided to allow the user to view data in the manner suitable. All statutory statements and forms are a part of the module.


Challans are a necessary system while submitting statutory statements for certain compliance. Workrig has the ability to produce challans that can be submitted with payments to various government bodies be it central or state-wise. All the standard challans form part of our packages catering to multiple industries.

Analytics & Reports

Workrig is backed by a comprehensive analytics & reporting engine to ensure real-time data and summation for better planning & strategic decision making.

Comparative analysis for various SBUs to understand the relative performances is a key that any CEO just cannot miss – Charts, Graphs, Exportable formats etc. makes an organization’s efficiency that much better. Simple & advanced filters make the job that much easier.


Whether it is team performance analytics based on GE-McKinsey Matrix (9-Block Analysis), Bell’s Curve Analytics or Manager & Resource Performance and Analytics, Workrig’s ability to represent the data in an intuitive & responsive way paves the way for imbibing intelligence in HR decision making.


Starting from key performance indicators with respect to goal & target performance, time, absence & attendance, compensation reports on payroll, incentives & statutory compliances & challans, Workrig boasts of a comprehensive MIS and statutory reporting structure.