Well Defined Role Based Architecture

Now Every One Has a Reason to be in Love with Workrig!


Workflow Driven Process

Beginning from leave approvals to recruitment and hiring the workflow works synchronously across the product to present a seamless process, triggering the right alerts at the right time and processing when required.

Preparing a System

The function requires preparing number of processes. The ease with which ‘previous’ systems can be used shows its user-friendliness. Review systems, Goals & Targets, New Designation & job descriptions.

Managing Activities

In an organization employees undergo multiple changes during their tenure, be it transfer or promotions. Workrig’s easy to use activity management provides HR, a tool to manage all of that extremely easily.

Real-time dashboard
Analytics to Suit Managers
Easy Forms for Progressive Teams
HR Alerts & Notifications
Complete HR Software
Company Broadcasts


All Stages of Hiring Covered

Call it the most comprehensive hiring management solution on cloud. Beginning from requirement generation to induction, the hiring management system has all.

Seamless Integration with Joining

Induction of a candidate and appointment letter disbursement to orientation on the first day, the workflow is seamless.

Integrated Assessment

Create psychometric tests or specific online assessments for candidates during any stage of interview, especially during shortlisting. The assessment can be accessed through the learning management system part of the core system.

Micro Analysis of Each Job
Web & Social Integration
Applicant Tracking
Integrated with Onboarding - Offer
Complete Hiring Lifecycle
Integrated Billing & Receipts for HR Consultants


CA Certified Compliances

Workrig’s Statutory Compliances are extremely robust with a team of chartered accountants maintaining the same with utmost rigor helping the accountants with all relevant reports, challans and bank order generation being carried with ease.

Complex Pay Structures Done Easy

Starting from business policies to Complex pay structures, a most comprehensive system. Where it is level based or grade based, configurable to the extent, easy to use and updated to the date. Payroll processing of 10,000+ plus employees in less than 3 minutes.

Comprehensive Reports, Challans & Forms

Year end Tax management module allows for the printing of Form 16 for each employee. Starting for e-TDS filing to EPF, ESIC, PT, LWF etc., the software allows for configuration, based on the Indian Statute that allows for monthly, yearly submission of challans and statements to the government.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
Multiple Download Formats – PDF, Excel, Doc
Comprehensive MIS & Reports
3rd Party Finance Software Integration
Configurable for Complex Payrolls
Self-Service for Employees

Chief Executive

Analyse & Plan Better

Workrig is backed by a comprehensive analytics & reporting engine to ensure real-time data and summation for better planning & strategic decision making. Comparative analysis for various SBUs to understand the relative performances is a key that any CEO just cannot miss.

Workflow with Maker & Checker

We provide a host of configurable solutions and the ability to define workflow and manage access control functionality for multiple roles. It ensures a nearly glitch-free functioning of your organization with better accountability of expenses & efficiencies.

Positive Impact on Organization

A lot of dissonance for human resource inside your organization stems from the fact that process areas are not streamlined leading to leakages that have negative impact on organizations. We take care of your most valuable and strategic assets — human capital & projects (through Project & Portfolio integration).

Secured with 256 Bit SSL
Reduced Complexity of Business Processes
Full Functional Coverage
Appealing and Simple to Use Interface
Logical flow of Business Processes
Recommended by Industry and Domain Experts

Project Manager

Manage & Monitor Multiples

Configure Workrig in the manner you intend to work, be it 10 or 100 projects. Add teams to each project and align tasks to kick it off. Use the Gantt chart, KPIs & metrics to keep track of the health of projects & tasks.

Plan on the Fly

As a project manager, you might like to trigger change in plans, be it additional tasks or resources. Use the Agile methodology that would mean a continuous stream of updates required.

Execute with efficiency

Be it real time status updates, issues and queries. The collaboration tools such as feeds allow for real time updates and communication creating an efficient system within teams.

Task & Sub task Management
Dashboard & Performance Management
Real time feeds
Document integration
Real time updations
Project Analytics for the Manager