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Off the blocks

Workrig specifically caters to small & medium scale organizations and we have various level of offerings for all your HR needs, whether you have 30 or 2000 employees.

Manual entries include a lot of room for errors resulting in employee dissonance & compliance issues. As a young organization, beginning your HR processes with Workrig helps streamline your policies from the start. Moreover, Workrig provides pay as you use option so if you only need 1-2 modules you only have to pay for the them and later when you require additional modules, you can ask us to upgrade your package. So we grow along with you.  

Workrig has a profile based access & dashboard knitted with an organization specific configurable workflow. We understand every profile in an organization is unique and hence their needs. Please click here to know more about the benefits.

Workrig is a highly configurable HR product, we provide control panel access to the “Global HR” / “Admin” profile from wherein the settings can be easily changed without having to do any code customizations.

Workrig is pay as you go. Please sign up here for our custom offering here and we will only enable the modules that you want to use?

We cater to almost all the major industries like BFSI, Manufacturing, Healthcare, IT/ITES, Education, Real Estate, Retail etc. Given the configurability of the product, it can easily adopt to different industry requirements.

Know your Workrig

There are 7 major modules – Please look at the product section for more details

The processes across the people and work management tools are logically integrated to exchange data in a meaningful way. This helps keep all activities related to people and work together under one umbrella.

Voila! Workrig encourages third party integrations to ensure complete automation to the extent possible.

Integrated Yet Highly Configurable

The typical implementation process starts with requirement gathering, followed by setup of our highly configurable control panel. This process is backed by data migration and quality check and training process for the customers. This process can be easily completed within 2-3 days for an organization size of 100 employees.

No, not at all. Workrig is a very user friendly product which allows users to configure their own business rules, policies, workflows and more through a simple control panel access. It is as easy as setting up your email services.  

The product is highly configurable and needs minimal code customizations, however, due to specific client customizations, the same can be done and cost for the same is applied based post the feasibility study. However such a cost is only partially shared with the customer, given the applicability of the customization in the industry,

Yes, we can provide an additional managed payroll & compliance services if the client so requires. We will manage your data & process on Workrig platform itself such that as a user you have real-time access to your data & processes. Please email your requirements to  

Yes, online training is included as a part of the implementation process, however at client’s behest we can also organise onsite trainings however it will be charged separately to the client.


Our Guard is Up

Yes, the product’s security functionality is enhanced with access control lever for respective profiles.

We have multiple hosting facilities available with us. Our preferred option is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Keeping in mind the sensitivity of client data on cloud, we have ensured data recovery & backup facilities in multiple locations [India / Outside India].

At Your Service

Availability Period (excluding Standard Maintenance Windows) – Days and Hours of Availability: 24 x 365

Standard Maintenance Windows: 10 p.m. – Midnight IST on weekends / non workrig days

Workrig will notify all customer of any maintenance which may cause the Products and/or services to be unavailable at least one business day prior to such maintenance.

Workrig believes in Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and one of the important aspect for the same is the ease of migration for our customers whether implementation to or from our platform. Below are the features that we ensure to help our customers with smooth migration / change in platform

  1. Data backup provisions for our customers at their location / premises at regular intervals.
  2. We provide export facility for data & important tables helping the customers with migration.
  3. Specific data files as deemed important by the customer can also be provided on request to our customers