Project & Portfolio Management

Manage your tasks, documents, milestones; bills generate a business case, all in one place. Specific profiles have specific information- Project Owner, Team Lead, Resource. You would want them to have their specific view of the project.

Un-complicate systems by using a single product, rather than excel, outlook, doc sharing tools, charts etc. Let work be a priority with lesser collaboration issues.

Comprehensive Work Management

With Workrig project management, you allow, every stakeholder to get the desired view of the project. Easy to use document sharing, easy to use resource alignment with tasks, add/ manage resources and request for resources wherever necessary. Let the integrated HCM package kick-in when it comes to Sourcing.

Tasks & Sub tasks

Add multiple tasks and subtasks, while creating and undertaking an Agile project development. Align the tasks with one or many resources. Add or repeat tasks already added, again while planning and during the project development.

Business Case

Workrig includes a host of intelligence tools for real time information that provide an immediate business case for the project. Using the business case values entered into Workrig, system while planning the project & comparing with real-time data based on actual data updated by resources, one can be able to assess the health of the project, especially with respect to Profitability.

Monitoring Project Development

The system provides plethora of data analytics to develop project related Insights for monitoring purposes. This extended to a portfolio provides a macro analysis of the projects under a specific portfolio.

Timesheet Management

A comprehensive Timesheet management module, with its own set of configurations, allowing for flexibility for either adding hours for a certain task- daily at the end of the day, or use the Clock-in (Start) and Clock-out (End) to update the system on a realtime basis. The Timesheet is periodically sent for approval to the TL/ PO for approval before being converted into approved Time sheet for approval of the customer & thereby ready for billing.

Dynamic Timesheet

The timesheet provides all the necessary details of work undertaken by the resource. Summary of the work can be updated and submitted on a routine basis. Whether the work could be billable or not billable can be ticked so that efforts can be either billed or not billed. The Timesheet is integrated with payroll, therefore allowing for a payout in such a case.

Tracking Work

The desktop Tracker helps one track developments at work, with screen snapshots captured just in case the customers were interested in work undertaken. Also routine reports can be printed and sent to the shareholders at the end of the day, if required.

Trackers are of varied kinds, developed for different purposes, such as Work tracking, Assessment proctoring etc. These trackers therefore are used for different functional requirements, some for task management, others for talent management.

Integrated Receipts with Billings

A comprehensive Invoicing and Receipts module. A wide variety of Invoices beginning from Milestone based, Fixed bills, Pro-rata & Adhoc Invoicing. Receipts captured and stored, while options to be integrated with ERP systems.

Quite a few Invoice Types

Allowing users to update Billing heads with a sequence to go into the Invoices with such Data Types such as reimbursements, milestone amount, prorate rates, fixed etc. Workrig allows the flexibility to manage varied kinds of Invoices even for a single organization.

Invoice Management

Multiple Invoice formats are available as standard choices with facility for Enterprise customers to customize Invoice formats. The Invoice Settings allow one to Tax Settings, Blocks with Information, fields & data sources. Therefore allowing you to create your own template

Ease of Handling Receipts

Receipts can be entered in Bulk or individually. Receipt fields correspond with Invoices and the Tax heads created in settings. Reminders can be setup for Invoices sent. Credits can be tracked using the system, letting less sophisticated accountants to handle and enforce company policies.

Tax Settings

Tax management, an integrated part of Billing & Receipts allow for adding tax heads to both Invoices as well as Receipts. Reports are generated accordingly based on these fields dynamically -added.


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Best fit to the requirements. Happy and confident about Workrig. Confident about future requirements to be met by Workrig.

Shripad Kulkarni - KPCA