Resource Management

A Resource Manager is responsible for fulfilling the Resource Requirements of Projects, in minimum time and with minimum costs, while maximising utilization of Resources. Resource Management takes humungous amount of effort to plan capacity of existing resources, and ensuring Optimum Utilization of resources. RMG needs to ensure a healthy Bench strength, for quick fulfilment of requirements, while minimising Bench costs.

Analysis based on historical research shows that there is a need of data flow from Project Requirements to the Recruitment module. Vice versa, the Candidate Pipeline needs to be visible to the Project Owners enabling them in better planning of Project tasks & Project resource mappings.

The Workrig HCM’s Workforce Management module provides the RMG user with a Master Resource Pool View and a Bench Resource Pool view. The data available on these views enables the RMG to take decisions for the following:

Resource Scheduling
Fitment Analysis
Capacity Planning
Optimising Resource Utilization