Well Defined Role Based Architecture.

Now Every One Has a Reason to be in Love with Workrig!

Various stakeholders have been carefully thought of like HR Managers, Recruiters, Accountants, Finance Managers & CEO.

HR Teams
Finance & Accounts
Impressive Features for the Recruiters

Micro Analysis of Each Job

Applicant Tracking

Complete Hiring Lifecycle

Web & Social Integration

Integrated with Onboarding - Offer

Integrated Billing & Receipts for HR Consultants

All Stages of Hiring Covered

Call it the most comprehensive hiring management solution on cloud. Beginning from requirement generation to induction, the hiring management system has all.

Seamless Integration with Joining

Induction of a candidate and appointment letter disbursement to orientation on the first day, the workflow is seamless.

Integrated Assessment

Create psychometric tests or specific online assessments for candidates during any stage of interview, especially during shortlisting. The assessment can be accessed through the learning management system part of the core system.

We believe in customer centricity.

They will tell you why.