How Social Collaboration & Internal Communication within organization is gaining attention for businesses in their growth phase?


As enterprise collaboration becomes increasingly sophisticated and real-time,social collaboration tools are increasing gaining popularity for simple reasons – ‘Ease and Transparency’.

Internal communication is of utmost importance for essentially every association existent & in business.If the employee communication plan loses focus, so does everything else. This is the reason why managers and CEOs are always attempting to enhance the nature of communication among employees. Considering the fact, communication at the higher level should likewise be streamlined to keep obstacles from acting as a burden, and that is why news and notifications become an integral factor. For some, a company’s communication falls into the realms of marketing, advertising or PR, which are addressed to an external audience. However, internal communication is as important as external.

The point when an organization achieves a specific size, gathering around the meeting table to make an in-person declaration or conveying the recent news and happenings isn’t generally conceivable. All things considered, quite a bit of this information should be circulated all throughout the organization, rendering this technique inefficient for organizations comprising of 50 or more representatives.

“If you aren’t communicating well with your employees, chances are you’re missing out on an internal communication strategic component in your business’s growth. And yet so many companies fall into the same trap – even those who are aware of the importance of internal communication.”

Finding a specialized internal communication tool or software solution to get the message out is crucial and here effective utilization of the internal communication tool to spread organizational news and announcement is a catch.Some of the internal communication examples are discussion Forums, message boards, project sites and HRMS software.

Something which stands out is Workrig,which helps organizations build and maintain the critical bridge between an organization and the employee by easing the HR processes and maintaining the transparency. The recently launched social collaboration tool – HUB suffices all the essentials of HRM needs of any concern.Apart from the one-way communication like displaying company policies, announcements, events and manuals, it has some brilliant interactive features like online interaction-communication platform within the organization which most of the HRMS tools lacks in. This enterprise solution allows employees to interact with each other in every way possible – one on one, with respective teams,mangers, departments or even with the company CXOs. It supersedes email communication within the organization by enabling an employee to call a meeting for selective group or levels within the organization and send them customized reminders on phone or through emails.

With all the exclusive and well thought through features Workrig is surely a hit amongst the users and is loved by clients. Currently, HUB is in its beta phase of release and the customers’ response is nothing short of remarkable. Workrig is planning a full-fledged launch of its HUB functionality by end August, 2016.

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