Reasons to Choose Workrig for Your Organisation

Reasons to Choose Workrig for Your Organisation

Posted by admin | June 28, 2017 | HCM
Workrig HRMS

What is HCM?

Human Capital Management (HCM) is the universal set which,

  1. Enables an organization to monitor its workers (permanent, temporary, contractual etc)
  2. Representative socio-economic parameters, benefits and execution data. It is typically made in a database or, all the more frequently, in a progression of interrelated databases.
  3. Manage all the life-cycle processes of an employee (from hire to retire including payroll & compliance)
  4. Most importantly, keeps the employees engaged and helps keep the HR processes integrated with each other

“HCM includes an important set of processes which helps an organization to make data enabled decisions for the betterment of the employees and in turn the organization, and this when supported through a software solution such as Workrig, can really resolve the most complex of situations easily.”

Why Workrig?

Workrig is recognized for its one stop solution to all the HRMS needs by CIO Review for its comprehensive & integrated hire to retire functionalities.

Features of Workrig

Recruitment & Onboarding

Hiring the candidates is always a great task to deal with for any organization. Even in this fast phase world most if the companies go with a traditional way of recruitment in which most of the cases they fail.

We at Workrig have done a host of research in the hiring process which showed that all the organizations require integrated hiring & onboarding management system. By taking inputs from and suggestions from the industry, we have developed a fast and yet easy to implement tool for hiring.

This tool is not only designed for companies and organizations, but also for recruitment agencies to hire the right candidate for the right job.

Core HR

Workrig has fast and highly customizable time & attendance, shift, absence  management systems that allows the admin users to set up the company policies fast and easy.

One of the most  simple and powerful tools for payroll processing. It has great options like automatic calculations, level based pay structuring, compliance report, tax calculations, expense reporting and much more.

Without any second thought, one can say that Workrig’s compliance management system (CA certified and managed) is the most configurable and easy to implement systems existing today.

Talent & Performance Management

Workrig will help you to maintain and keep track of your employees’ talents and performance in a consistent way. It has 720 degree review management, goal setting, KRA- individual or goal integrated, succession planning and much more. One of the most advanced Analytical tools including GE Mckinsey, Bells Curve (a choice you cab have), Comparative Analytics across Competencies, Benchmarked KPI’s, Workrig’s, integrated Talent Management system completes the missing curve that most organizations miss.

Every organization needs a quick delivery of progress from the employees and Workrig has this integrated talent for learning and training which will enable your employees to learn while they work and increase overall productivity.

Project & Billing

One of the most robust integrated Project Management tools available in the market, Workrig will help you to manage your tasks, projects, milestones, documents, and manage bills on a single tool. A highly compatible Timesheet Management & decisive Costing & Analytical tool, Workrig allows organizations  to not only manage project portfolio but helps in decision support, from resources to departments. Everyone involved in the project and the project management tool allows for all profiles to work collaboratively and effectively.


Employee Collaboration:

One stop for all your employees to collaborate across processes and share ideas for effective communication & betterment of the organization. Workrig provides a powerful platform to increase the mutual understanding and thought sharing between various levels of employees within the organization.

This and much more, with in-depth understanding of the various modules can be read at:

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