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 WorkrigTM Time: Introducing a GPS enabled time management application to facilitate employee’s time, leave and attendance administration along with the ability to access workplace directories.

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In current scenario the mobile solution in the world of HRMS has transformed the way HR processes work, where the employees can now manage their HR related needs at a tap of a button! With such advancements and our commitment to deliver continuous and admissible innovation to our customers, we now introduce new ways to assist our on-the-go customers with Workrig’s fast and efficient application.

Workrig’s mobile application ensures professionals can access their HRMS through their phones Anytime. Anywhere. Now streamline your Organizational needs at the fingertips and on the move with Workrig TM Time. Ours is a fast and intuitive employee management mobile application with GPS enabled clock entries and on the fly leaves application with approval, that enables the employees and managers to access their HR data with one click.

mobile time


Under the “My Time” section, you can now manage your employee directories on-the-go! Its GPS enabled time management system can allow the user to Clock-on and Clock-off from any location globally and update the server with the given access. Month end rushes and misses can be avoided with the help of this feature. It can help the user to streamline the data handling and handle the exceptions without any delay with a tap of the button.

to do time



Requests, around Time & Leave can be handled using this application. All requests of the nature are available under “People” and “My Requests” in the “To-do” section. These requests are received based on user profiles and are dependent on the workflow associated with the request. This section can help the user manage its leave approvals and requests through the application that can later be updated on the system and based on which, the same can be viewed in the calendar. Moreover, once the requests are updated and approved, the user gets an alert in form of a push notification against the action taken over their requests.




The “Factsheet” section can help the user to gain access to their personal as well as professional information, it not only helps to view the team structure and the respective position but also helps them to search for people in the organization and use their details to contact others based on their access control.

Here’s a deeper look at how our application can enable our customers to drive their office needs, following are the key feature of our application:

  • Clock-in and Clock-out Support with GPS tracking of the entry location.
  • Apply and Check Leave Balance status.
  • Clock entries can be checked using the Time Module within the application.
  • Directory with contact details allows the users to search for people in the organization and their Fact-sheet based on the respective profile or relationship with the employees.
  • Push Notifications for Alerts and Request, along with built-in Calendar.

One of the most advanced & highly configurable administration systems that allows managers and global HRs to setup company specific & robust policies of varied kind. No matter how complex your business rules are, Workrig helps you set up your own business rules and time policies for employees in a flash.

“Why need a cube, when your office’s just a click away?”
Go Mobile, Get WorkrigTM Time.

Our customers can opt-in for the mobile experience of WorkrigTM Time on Android. We assure to iterate and incorporate your valuable feedback as you continue to use our applications. We look forward to hear from you at or  “Click Here

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